Admin Applications -OPEN-

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Admin Applications -OPEN-

Post by Fenton on Wed Jun 10, 2015 10:34 pm

- Forums Mod Application -

As a Forum Mod, your job is keep the RFTP forums organized by deleting, merging, locking, splitting, and moving topics,\\, as well as keeping the forums free from any malicious content that does not abide by our forum or RFTP rules.You must be 13+ in order to apply! Any younger will be IGNORED!All Forum Mod applicants MUST have an ACTIVE forums account! You need to use it to be able to mod the forums.
How active can you be on the forum?
:Are you currently in school/employed?:Do you have any experience modding forums on other sites? If so, which ones and the duration you worked on it?:
Why would you like to become a forum mod?:
As a part of the Forum Mod Team, please understand that you ARE NOT an Administrator, nor have administrative privileges! You are valued as a Forum Mod, and we thank you for helping us keeping the RFTP forums an organized, fun and comfortable environment!

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